Sometimes I Drink Wine While Breastfeeding, and I Don't Feel Bad About It

When I saw the viral photo of Jessie James Decker enjoying a glass of wine while breastfeeding, I wanted to clink glasses with her. Because like the celeb mama, I, too, sometimes drink a beer or a glass of wine while nursing my son. Also like Decker, I won't apologize for it.

If I tried waiting to relax, unwind, and enjoy some "me" time with an ice cold beer, I'd be waiting for a year.

I know mixing booze and breastfeeding isn't cool when you do it to excess. I'm talking about sipping one beer or a small glass of wine, and that's it. I don't follow that up with the rest of the bottle. And here's the thing: studies show very little alcohol passes into your breast milk. Admittedly, there is some that does get into the milk. Still, it's not as if the wine is passing from my lips directly into my baby's. My body has to process the alcohol first. Since this takes hours, it seems safe to imbibe while I'm nursing.

Also, I'm breastfeeding around the clock. My son is one hungry little dude! There is almost nothing I do while not breastfeeding. I make my other kids meals with my baby attached to my boob. I have my meals with him attached to my boob. My husband has had to hand me my son into the shower for me nurse him because the baby couldn't wait another second. If I tried waiting to relax, unwind, and enjoy some "me" time with an ice cold beer, I'd be waiting for a year.

And I understand why the photo of Decker and the idea of drinking and breastfeeding is alarming to some people. Obviously, babies and alcohol aren't a match made in heaven if you aren't mindful. But in my view, Decker's brave picture showed what the day-to-day reality of having an infant looks like. And can we please acknowledge that whether a mom has a glass of red on a given night is not the measure of a good mother? I know I'm a devoted mom. Breastfeeding my son is the top priority in my life. I schedule my entire day (and night!) around his feedings. I drink tons of water to keep my production up, and I'm committed to eating and exercising to stay healthy for him.

So I'm not going to apologize for kicking back with an adult drink now and again, baby on the boob and all, and no other mom who sips an occasional Chardonnay while suckling her offspring should feel bad either.

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