Carey Hart Took His Kids to a Bar For Dinner Because He Was Too Tired to Cook, and We Get It

No matter if you have one kid or seven, raising small humans day in and day out is just plain exhausting. And apparently, Carey Hart can relate. In a recent Instagram, the father of two admitted to taking his kids to eat at a bar because he was too tired to cook. He captioned the sweet photo of Willow and Jameson chowing down: "Dinner w/ these two knuckleheads while mama works #IWasTooTiredtoCook #BarFoodForTheWin."

By the look of the comments section, other moms and dads are on the same page.

"As the parent who sometimes lets their kids go to bed fully clothed for the next day cuz they had to get up really early to be dropped off at grandma's before school, I'm happy to see parenting things have evolved!" wrote one user. "Besides, who doesn't love bar food?" Another person chimed in, saying it's the memories you make with your children that are the most important: "Your kids look happy. I'd say bar food is a major win (and great tasting) and I bet they remember those meals more over the ones where you toiled in the kitchen to produce something they may or may not eat."