Carter's Has the Most Extra Baby Costumes We've Seen in a Loooong Time

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Now that more and more of us millennials are becoming moms, the opportunities for us to dress up as the latest pop culture reference are dwindling. First of all, we don't have time to craft a Khaleesi ensemble from scratch or the energy to arrange a Prince Harry and Megan Markle couples costume with our equally exhausted partner. And secondly, we probably don't even know what's "hip" or "cool" these days . . . aside from Elsa and Moana.

To help us pretend to be "extra" (that's how we're supposed to say that, right?), Carter's has whipped up 10 of-the-moment costumes for babies and toddlers that will make it seem as though us parents are up on the hottest new trends. From a darling avocado and a so-2018 pineapple to a sparkly unicorn and a little piggy in the perfect shade of millennial pink, these soft, cuddly, onesie-style zip-up costumes are as cute as they are cool.