A Chip 'n' Dale Show Is Headed Straight to Disney Plus — Here's What We Know So Far

It looks like Disney Plus is well on its way to solidifying its lineup of can't-miss TV shows for kids before the streaming network launches on Nov. 12. In a recent press release, it shared that a brand-new Chip 'n' Dale series is officially in the works. Fans can expect to get 39 seven-minute-long episodes featuring the hilarious dynamic duo. Just like the traditional cartoon, the adorable little chipmunks won't do much talking but will still manage to get themselves into plenty of high jinks while they explore an undisclosed big city. So far, families who subscribe to Disney Plus will be able to stream Monsters at Worka Monsters, Inc. spinoff starring much of the original cast — an animated Marvel series, along with all the other movies from the Disney vault.