Chip Gaines LITERALLY Jumped Up and Down to Support Joanna, and We're Melting!

Chip Gaines turned into head cheerleader of Team Joanna on Tuesday morning. While appearing on the Today Show to celebrate the release of her new cookbook, Magnolia Table, Joanna Gaines had her leading man and number one fan standing front and center outside Rockefeller Plaza. Chip proudly shared a video on social media of himself jumping up and down for his wife, along with the sweetest caption.

"Jo's cookbook is officially out!" he wrote. "Let me tell you, she's poured her heart into this book, and I couldn't be more proud. I think your belly is gonna love it as much as mine does #fangirling #MagnoliaTableCookbook." Joanna hilariously shared a photo of Chip outside writing, "Thanks for the support @chipgaines #groupie."

The two are currently expecting baby number five, and while Joanna is absolutely loving the way this pregnancy feels, Chip is loving the hard work that went into the cookbook . . . including those drool-worthy biscuits. When a fan on Twitter asked Chip what his favorite recipe in the book is, he wasted no time before crediting his wife's skills (bonus points for choosing both a salty and sweet favorite). "Her biscuits are simply amazing!" he wrote. "But her chocolate chip cookies are real show stoppers." It doesn't get cuter than Chip and Joanna!