8 Times Chrissy Teigen Nailed the Whole Motherhood Thing in 2017

Chrissy Teigen has never shied away from sharing her seemingly perfect life with husband John Legend and adorable daughter Luna on social media. It's no joke she's very vocal on Twitter, plus she has an Instagram account that's practically museum-worthy, and we definitely don't hate it. This year was a particularly eventful one for Teigen, who spoke on important issues such as IVF and postpartum depression and posted adorable snippets of Luna's childhood we couldn't get enough of. Here are some of her best moments so far in 2017.


When She Gave Luna Her First Chore

Yes, there's no denying that Luna Legend is a very lucky little girl. But even the most adorable dimples in the world don't get you off the hook when it comes to doing chores. There's nothing like getting the ball rolling early, right?


When She Talked Openly About Her Experience With Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is a prevalent issue that definitely needs to be talked about more. This year, Chrissy did her part by sharing her postbaby struggles in a number of interviews.

Her most relatable quote? Probably when she talked about just how soul-sucking postpartum depression really is: "I lost all interest in everything," she said. "I couldn't get out of bed. I kept all my pajamas in the pantry because I didn't want to go upstairs. It's really hard to know how privileged you are and still feel frustrated, angry, and lonely. It makes you feel like more of a b*tch."


When She Enlisted the Internet to Make Her Feel Better

It takes a village to raise a child. And when Chrissy was having a particularly off day, she turned to her village for support, and let's just say her followers delivered when it came to making her feel better.


When She Got Luna a Tickle Me Elmo

There's literally nothing better in the world than seeing your kiddo beam from ear to ear, and that's exactly what happened when the model gave her daughter a Tickle Me Elmo. Does it have anything to do with the fact that her dad absolutely killed it in a performance on Sesame Street? Probably not!


When She Admitted Mommy-Shaming Was Hurtful

There's no doubt that Chrissy knows how to stand up for herself, but that doesn't mean getting cut down by keyboard warriors isn't painful. She laid it all out for us in an interview, saying: "It gets to me every time. I feel like pregnancy is the time for them to warm you up to the shaming that's about to come because they really go in on you. . . .You realize you're going to get it no matter what, and it started when I was pregnant. If I seem like I don't care, I definitely care."


When She Got Luna Into Her Car Seat

Let's be honest, sometimes getting your little one into their car seat requires an engineering degree from Harvard. It's far from easy, even for celebs. Chrissy admitted she had to look multiple times at the damn thing to make sure Luna was strapped in correctly before even posting the photo.


When She Stood Up to Internet Bullies

The internet can be a beautiful place, except, of course, when mean-spirited users take the opportunity to hate on you for everything, big and small. Thankfully, Chrissy was having absolutely none of it when a woman berated her for getting pregnant through IVF, and her response deserves a round of applause.