Chrissy Teigen Considers Raising Boys "Easy," but LOL, What She Said About Girls Will Haunt Your Dreams

Chrissy Teigen has only had six months of experience raising a boy, and she is already seeing some stark differences between her son and daughter.

"It's amazing and fascinating," she told Today of raising 2-year-old Luna and 6-month-old Miles. "As easy as boys are, I love the challenge of the girl."

To Chrissy, she has found that even at a young age, girls are a bit complicated. "They're so dramatic and so smart," she said. "They know how to pull at your heart. I'm like, 'You've been alive for a thousand days, and how are you like this already?'"

She even admitted that she can empathize with why people sometimes overgeneralize women: "I kind of understand men more now because I'm like, 'Wow, we are crazy girls!'"