Chrissy Teigen Officially Has an Angsty Toddler on Her Hands, and We Can’t Stop Laughing

Chrissy Teigen officially has an angsty toddler on her hands. Although Luna isn't quite in the "threenager" year, she proved that she's not afraid to show a little (hilarious) 'tude in Chrissy's latest Instagram video. In the video, which is the second in an unofficial series Chrissy started with her mom after they bought themselves a selfie stick, the mom of two can be seen with both her kiddos and their grandma.

"Hey guys, welcome to our YouTube channel," Chrissy says. "This is Luna, this is Miles, and that's Yāy. It's called the Luna, Miles, and Yāy Show." A few seconds after Chrissy announces Luna, the 2-year-old freaks out and screams, "Don't say me!" (Meanwhile, Miles sits completely still and stares at the phone the entire time, an ever-chill second child.) After the shaky introductions are finally over, Chrissy's mom covertly refers to Luna as "some girl in a blue dress," but it doesn't take Luna very long to realize that she's that girl. Chrissy concludes the episode abruptly, but not before Luna can scream, "Don't say my blue dress!"

Toddlers are simultaneously the worst and the best, and we certainly can't get enough of sweet Luna in all of her various moods.

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