30 Christmas Baby Names That Will Keep the Holiday Magic in Your Family All Year

For many of us who celebrate it, the Christmas season is full of joy, love, warmth, and time spent with family and friends. It's a season that we spend months anticipating and months missing once it's over. We plan the perfect gifts, the perfect meals, and the perfect get-togethers and also find new and unique ways to incorporate the spirit of the season into our everyday lives. Since Christmas is so special, why not keep that magic around all year and use it as a source of inspiration for baby names? From subtle hints at the Christmas theme (Holly) to more obvious nods (Noelle), these are some of our favorite Christmas baby names for boys and girls.

Girl Names

  1. Amaryllis
  2. Belle
  3. Clementine
  4. Eve
  5. Gabriella
  6. Holly
  7. Joy
  8. Lucy
  9. Mary
  10. Natalie
  11. Olive
  12. Starr
  13. Taraji
  14. Virginia
  15. Noelle

Boy Names

  1. Arthur
  2. Caleb
  3. David
  4. Felix
  5. Gabriel
  6. Jack
  7. Joseph
  8. Linus
  9. Luke
  10. Malachi
  11. Nicholas
  12. Pax
  13. Snowden
  14. Timothy
  15. Emmanuel