Father-Son Duo Has Some of the Swaggiest Dance Routines We’ve Ever Seen

For most toddlers, dancing is just a little leg bouncing and some arm flailing, but 4-year-old Josiah Freeland is proving that dance skills have no age limit, and he's learning from the best. Josiah and his dad Stanley have taken the internet by storm with their impressively stylish and coordinated Instagram dance videos. In the videos, the dynamic father-son duo don matching outfits and break out some serious moves to popular hip-hop songs.

While their choreography is epic, it's the meaning behind the videos that's stealing our hearts. Stanley told Fox 5 that he is using his social media presence as a way to encourage other fathers to do fun activities with their children and build meaningful relationships starting at a young age. "What inspired me to do the dance videos is seeing my son happy at dances and seeing him look up to me," he said.

They even have their own version of the ABCs, which is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Keep reading to see some of Josiah and Stanley's adorable videos and prepare to be amazed at this little guy's level of concentration.

Josiah means business in a flannel.

"Black Beatles" should only be danced to in a onesie . . .


It's all in the footwork.

And he's even working on his addition skills!

We've never seen a toddler with so much swag.

Voila . . . "Magic!"