Dad's Comic Series That Teaches Love and Empathy Should Be Required Reading

Christopher Grady

With a 7-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter on his hands, Christopher Grady is no stranger to the everyday struggles modern parents face raising kids in the current social and political climates. So when it came to explaining the importance of equality, acceptance, and tolerance to his kids, he put his talents as a comic and writer to good use by injecting the parenting world with a bit of good (and humor!). The father of two started sharing his inspiring comics with the world five years ago on his website Lunarbaboon, but recently they've picked up some serious speed.

Scroll through some of his best work, many of which are sure to make every parent say "been there" while laughing under their breath, but also a few that'll give you the hope you need for this next generation of kids.