1 Dad's Lego Instagram Totally Nails the Whole Parenting Thing

One hilarious dad went next level when he created an epic Instagram account that uses his kid's Legos to depict everyday parenting situations. The account tackles everything from dealing with toddlers and daylight saving time to disastrous diaper blowouts. The photos are created exclusively with Lego figurines, which the makes the whole thing a little funnier when you look around and see Lego pieces all over your floor. Each picture will have you saying, "Yep, that's totally me." Look ahead for just a taste of the parenting struggles he has perfectly explained with the popular toy.

When Poop Is Everywhere

When Daylight Saving Time Comes Around

When Someone Asks What Being a Stay-at-Home Parent Is Like

When You Try to Put Your Baby to Sleep

When You Have to Deal With Screen Time

When You Face a Hungry Toddler

When Kids Test Your Patience

When Your Kids Learn to Play an Instrument

When You Need a Little Help Around the House