This Dad Put a Mic on His 4-Year-Old at Hockey Practice, and It Is Outrageously Cute

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Ever wonder what your kid is thinking when they're muttering to themselves in the middle of a sports game? Sure, you get to hear their thoughts almost every second of each day, but what are they saying when you're not listening? Well, Twitter user @howtohockey, or "Coach Jeremy," got the inside scoop by putting a mic on his 4-year-old son Mason at hockey practice.

"He's just always saying funny, random things. When my wife and I watched him at practice we got curious what he was saying to his friends and the coaches," Jeremy told POPSUGAR. "I've been making YouTube videos for a few years now and thought, 'Why not put a mic on him?' And here we are."

Turns out, little kids just want McDonald's, to play with their friends, and to take some breaks. Same, Mason, same. Watch the full video above, and chuckle along with every adorable Mason quote. My personal favorite? "I'm gonna have a nap!"