Dad Writes Daughter With Autism a New Report Card After Her Grades Left Her in Tears

When Shane Jackson's daughter Sophie received her school report card, she was in tears. The 9-year-old, who has autism spectrum disorder, got "straight Ds." As she looked at her grades, she cried to her parents and said, "I've let everyone down."

Heartbroken, Shane didn't know what to do.

"Sophie and my partner were so upset, mainly because she had tried so hard," he wrote on Twitter. He quickly got a pen and a notebook and wrote up his own version of a report card for his little girl. "It was all I could think of to help the situation, and it worked."

The report card gave her glowing scores in such subjects as being funny, loving dogs, drawing, and making robots. Her imagination and her ability to be the "best daughter ever," however, got her A+ marks.

The sweet gesture left Sophie feeling "over the moon with her 'new' report," Shane wrote. And after he posted a copy of it to Twitter, the overwhelming response proved just how important it is "to show others they are not alone."

In fact, the positive comments inspired Shane to give his daughter a Twitter account to showcase her artwork. In what might be an even sweeter gesture than Shane's original report card was the one Sophie wrote and shared about her dad:

Sure, he only got a B for being funny (there's always room for improvement, right?), but that last grade is what really matters more than anything.