When a 6-Year-Old Asked His Dad For $20, He Definitely Wasn't Expecting This Response

Parents, you are about to witness pure genius.

"We regret to inform you at this time that we are unable to provide a loan in the amount requested of $20.00. After reviewing your account, we have found you have insufficient funds, and a history of not doing your chores." At first glance, those two sentences seem like regretful words from a bank but are in fact the clever opening to a tough-love letter from a dad to his 6-year-old son.

The young boy asked for an advance on his allowance to pay for a toy and was likely a bit shocked when he received this official-looking letter rather than a crisp $20. The hysterical note — complete with fake logo for "DAD Savings and Loan" up in the top corner — doesn't stop crushing the boy's dreams there.

Furthermore, over $80.00 has been spent on discretionary entertainment expenses since Christmas. This is an unsustainable amount of expenditure, and we cannot further compound the problem by financially assisting with incurring further debt at this point.

In the closing, the boy is offered a chance to dispute the "bank's" decision by contacting the "complaint department" (mom's cell). We're dying to know how this turned out, but in the meantime, we're thinking of ways to send passive aggressive notes to our own kids.