This Dad Wows a Crowd at Disney While Singing Italian Opera in Front of His Proud Daughter

When you think of the type of songs a father might sing to his daughter while at Disney World, your mind might appropriately go to "It's a Small World" or even "Be Our Guest" if you're somewhere near the Beauty and the Beast ride. But when voice and piano teacher Justin Gigliello took his daughter to Disney World earlier this month, it wasn't a classic Disney tune she wanted to hear. It was an Italian ballad. "We just went to disney world last week and my daughter asked the pianist at the Grand Floridian if I could sing while he played," Justin wrote in a now-viral tweet.

The video is two minutes long and absolutely chilling. His daughter looks on proudly while he wows the crowd with his beautiful rendition of the classic "Ave Maria." I can't even imagine having been there to hear this in person.