This Dad Challenged Toxic Masculinity in a Big Way After His 5-Year-Old Son Got Teased at School

Aaron Gouveia, a father of three boys from Massachusetts, recently spoke out about toxic masculinity on Twitter after his 5-year-old son, Sam, got teased for wearing nail polish to school. He started off his now-viral Twitter thread by sharing a photo of Sam with the caption: "This is my son, Sam," he wrote. "He's 5. And today he learned how sh*tty and harmful #ToxicMasculinity is. My rage meter is spiking right now so excuse me if this is a little raw but there are some things I want to say about BS #gender norms."

From there, the irate dad launched into a clear-cut example proving that toxic masculinity not only exists but also starts at a young age. He went on to explain why as parents we need to work together to stop it dead in its tracks. Scroll through to get a look at the full thread.