Is It Just Us or Are Disneyland's Christmas Decorations More Magical Than Ever This Year?!

In case you needed any further justification to start decorating for Christmas now, Disneyland has your back. The magical theme park has fully transformed from a spooky Halloween haven into a dreamy holiday wonderland, as oversize jack-o'-lanterns and cobwebs have been swapped for festive garland, ornament-adorned wreaths, and, of course, the enormous Christmas tree on Main Street. Maybe it's the fact that 2018 marks Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary, but this year's Christmas decorations at the California theme park look a whole lot more magical than usual, wouldn't you agree? Scroll through the glorious photos from park visitors below, and you'll certainly feel inclined to book a last-minute trip to Disneyland so you can enjoy the adorable trimmings in person.