No, You're Not Crazy — Everyone at Disney Really Is Wearing This Trendy Top

Have you visited any of Disney's fine parks lately? Notice anything out of the ordinary? Namely, the fact that everyone is wearing the same long-sleeved shirt? Since their release earlier this year, the spirit jerseys have become an adored souvenir and staple at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and even aboard the Disney Cruise Line.

The oversize shirt is fairly simple in that it features a small logo on the front and the park's name in big letters on the back. Disney has also begun selling limited-edition red jerseys in honor of the holidays.

Now, here's the bad news: while the jerseys are readily available at the parks, they go pretty quickly online. At press time, there aren't too many sizes left for the adult jerseys, which are priced at $60. If you happen to be stopping by any of the parks sometime soon, we do recommend picking up the coveted shirt — you might even seem out of place without it! (Kidding — kind of.)

POPSUGAR Photography | Tara Block