Dwayne Johnson’s Response to Putting Together Jasmine’s Barbie Dreamhouse? “Let’s Get Mommy”

I spent a lot of time over at my aunt's and uncle's when I was a kid, mainly because my parents didn't want to buy me a Barbie Dreamhouse and my cousins had one that I could play with for hours and hours. Now that I'm an adult, I understand why my parents didn't want to spend hours building me a giant, pink plastic house. Unfortunately for Dwayne Johnson, his 3-year-old daughter, Jasmine, has acquired a Barbie Dreamhouse, and of course, she wanted it put together *right* as Dad was walking out the door.

"My 'On my way out the door to get my morning workout in before work and my 3-year-old Jazzy says Daddy can you put together this Barbie house please' look," Dwayne captioned a hilarious Instagram photo of himself standing in Jasmine's playroom, looking shocked. "It's a two story house."

Dwayne is no stranger to Jasmine asking him to play or do things with her right before he's set to leave the house — just last year, she made him sit for a full manicure as he was about to leave for work. But putting together a Barbie Dreamhouse is no spa treatment, and takes for-damn-ever, so Dwayne wised up a bit this time. His response? Throw his partner, Lauren Hashian, under the bus.

"Of course, I can sweetheart — daddy can do anything," he said, not stopping there. "But let's get Mommy because she's awesome at this and wanted to personally put it together for you." Damn, Dwayne. That's cold.