Dwayne Johnson Shows Off the Power of Baby Talk During His "Morning Convos" With Tiana

Don't knock the baby talk, folks! It could lead to some incredibly adorable (and important!) moments like this one between Dwayne Johnson and his daughter Tiana. The 46-year-old actor, who shares Tiana and 2-year-old Jasmine with girlfriend Lauren Hashian, recently got in a sweet "morning convo" with his 3-month-old daughter — and she even spoke back! Lauren shared a clip of Tiana's babbles on Instagram, and the communication with her parents brings a smile to her face.

It looks like having full-blown conversations with Tiana is normal practice for Dwayne. He posted a video in July where he asked his baby girl questions and waited for her cute responses. Researchers have studied the effects of having conversations with infants, and, yes, even baby talk is proven to help with speech development. So, Dwayne, Lauren, keep up the good work! One day Tiana will turn her gurgles into words, and she'll have these precious videos to look back on.