The Rock Let This 2-Year-Old Girl Think She Was Pulling a Plane

Can "Uncle Rock" be any cuter?

When a 2-year-old girl visited the set of his new film, Central Intelligence, Dwayne Johnson didn't do the typical celebrity meet and greet. No, when she said she wanted to "pull the airplane" all by herself, he let her. So what if he was helping her with a teensy bit of the heavy lifting?

In the adorable Instagram video, he's giving young Kai words of encouragement — "you're so strong!" — as she tugs a thick rope. (And if the clip wasn't enough adorableness, just read his hashtags.)

This isn't the first time the star has made our mommy hearts melt. We're still wiping a few tears after reading his sweet Mother's Day Instagram post, which also happened to be about an airplane.