15 Easy-to-Pack Daycare Lunches That Your Little One Will Devour

Getting your kids dressed and ready for daycare is time-consuming and stressful on it's own, but when you also have to think about what to pack them for lunch (and then actually make it), it can send your mornings over the edge. Assembling a lunch that is both healthy and appealing (both visually and ingredient-wise) for them to eat is no easy task. To eliminate some of that worry, we've rounded up 15 easy-to-pack lunches that are perfect for daycare, because they strike a healthy balance of foods, while still being relatively easy to put together. Even the pickiest eaters will find something to get excited about in this list.


Croissant Sandwiches

Flaky croissants turn a boring sandwich into a special treat.


Fruits and Veggies Lunch

This well-balanced lunch is heavy on the delicious greens. Plus, who can resist a roll-up sandwich?


Simple and Sweet Lunch

A fruit pouch adds a special dessert that kids and moms can agree on.


Bunny Sandwich Lunch

Keep your little one hopping throughout the day with a simple bunny cutout.


Slippery Noodle Lunch

Noodles are a healthy and fun way to get kids to eat vegetables.


Bento-Box Lunch

This bento box has everything, from vibrant fruit to tasty vegetables.


Peas and Thank You Lunch

With daycare in mind, it's best to think in terms of small, handheld food items. Peas and blueberries are great examples of this.


Simple and Balanced Lunch

This simple lunch has it all, with crunchy peppers and yummy oranges.


Rolling with the Flow

These delicious-looking sandwich wraps are bite-size and a fun way to get your kids to eat their lunches.


Hard-Boiled Egg Lunch

Eggs are a great way to sneak in some protein for little ones, and this handheld tray is perfect and easy to pack.


Monster Sandwich Lunch

This goofy-looking sandwich will have kids cracking up when they open their lunch pails.

Breakfast for Lunch
Life Made Sweeter

Breakfast for Lunch

Bring the joy of breakfast to the lunch table with delicious muffins and healthy granola.


Spidey Senses Lunch

Whatever character your kid loves, find a way to get them excited about their lunch by integrating them into the meal.

Homemade Lunchable Lunch
Easy Lunchboxes

Homemade Lunchable Lunch

Let your kids construct their own mini cracker sandwiches with this broken up lunch.

Bear Hug Lunch
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Bear Hug Lunch

The adorable bear, sprinkles, and pudding make for a perfectly sweet and balanced lunch.