The Trailer to Eighth Grade Is Like a Time Machine to Your Awkward Middle School Years

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If someone gave me access to a time machine but mandated that I only use it to travel back to my middle school years, I'd politely decline the offer and go about my day. But somehow, reliving those painfully awkward coming-of-age years in the form of the film Eighth Grade (in theaters July 13) doesn't seem like such a terrible proposition.

The trailer to Bo Burnham's directorial debut was just released, and it shows 13-year-old Kayla (played by star-in-the-making Elsie Fisher) navigating the final week of her less-than-stellar eighth grade year. From her angsty interactions with her dad to those genuine feelings of isolation and being misunderstood to the embarrassing effects of puberty (read: acne, acne, acne), it's quite possibly the most realistic lens ever cast on this formative time period.

Not only that, but it eerily shows what those years would have looked like for us adults if we'd grown up with iPhones, Snapchat, and YouTube beauty tutorials. (And for those of us with kids reaching this terrifying age range, the movie might just be as helpful a manual as any parenting book could ever be.)

So, as much as you might not want to channel your inner tormented tween, and as much as you think you don't need to see it because you lived it, watch the trailer. I promise: what you're about to see is so much better than what any time machine has to offer.