This Video Is So Damn Powerful, It Could End the Public Breastfeeding Debate For Good

The topic of breastfeeding, even public breastfeeding, has been covered so much – especially the past several days of World Breastfeeding Week – that it's bordered on overexposure. But if you were to watch just one more video on the subject matter, please make it this one.

British poet and spoken word artist Hollie McNish impressively vocalizes the daily battle mothers face when nursing in public, and her revolutionary words were turned into a 4-minute film titled "Embarrassed."

In it, she opines about our society's confused approach to breastfeeding and breast culture in general – how we tend to favor "tits" in pornographic materials over "this small piece of flesh" that is a source of life for our future generations.

"Why is titillation accepted and sustenance rejected?" she asks. It's up to us to live with our answer.