Read This HGTV Star's Poignant Reminder to NEVER Ask a Couple When They're Having a Baby

Erin Napier seems to have it all figured out on her HGTV show Home Town : exactly which shade of green to paint a room, mind-bogglingly creative wall art, and the perfect way to layout a living room. But in real life, she was hopelessly frozen over one big issue: having children. Erin and her husband and co-star Ben have a rock solid marriage, booming careers, a home in a charming family town; in other words, all the groundwork was laid for a baby announcement. But as the months and years went by and that announcement didn't come, the couple felt the social pressure to start a family mounting. This pressure was exacerbated by the well intentioned but inappropriate inquiries from the outside. In a recent Instagram post, Erin writes, "Please, please, please. Stop asking couples when they are going to have a baby. It's always asked with the best intentions, but the raw, awful feeling of explaining never got easier."

Now, seven months pregnant with her first child, the Mississippi native is characteristically candid about her road to motherhood. She says in the same Instagram post, "For me, pregnancy was my biggest fear and it felt insurmountable. It felt impossible. I would turn out the light at the end of every single day and the weight of hopelessness made me feel pathetic: 'Another day has passed and I'm still not brave enough.'" All that changed this past Spring when Erin showed Ben the two pink lines on a pregnancy test she took the morning of, coincidentally enough, Mother's Day. With Ben's support, she's enthusiastically embraced her pregnancy and impending motherhood, but she hasn't forgotten the anguish of being questioned about family plans.

While Erin consider herself among "the luckiest ones" because she was able to conceive, she knows that isn't always the case. "For so many couples I've known, there have been years of trying for a baby that never comes. It's heartbreaking for those couples and the question forces lies much of the time: 'One day we'll get around to it!' or 'We're just enjoying being the two of us!' Let's help by not asking that one question."