I Refuse to Make a Big Deal Out of my Husband on Father's Day

Disclaimer: I love my husband, who is the father of my children, very much. I knew the day I married him he would be a great dad, and over the past 11 years, he's proven how right I was. But, that being said, I refuse to make a big deal out of him this Father's Day. Why? Well, there are reasons.

[Our kids] can spoil him with hugs and love. What more does he want?

First, my darling hubby didn't really do much for me on Mother's Day. Come to think of it, he failed to do anything. To be fair, I told him I was not looking for him to make a big deal on the day, but can you believe that after more than a decade together he believed me?!

Another reason I'm phoning it in this Father's Day is that, um, isn't it the kids' job to make him feel special? He is their father, after all. Sure, my children might be too little to cook their daddy breakfast or pay for a gift, but they can spoil him with hugs and love. What more does he want?

Look, my husband knows he's appreciated. We tell him we love him every single day. I don't see how spending money on expensive gifts is important to create a nice holiday. Shouldn't Father's Day be about spending time as a family instead?

I also can't help but mention how I do a ton of sh*t around the house on a daily basis, and I'm the primary caregiver of our kids. So I'll be damned if I do everything on Sunday just because it's Father's Day. So what if he empties the dishwasher on "his" day? I did it the last 976 other times! And he'll live if he has to help with the kids. Without them, he wouldn't even be a dad, so there!

Oh, and sorry, dear, but don't expect a home-cooked meal, either. I say you perform one of your favorite, fatherly tasks and grill out for us all! We'd love it if you served up some grub on your beloved barbecue.

In the end, we love you, honey, on Father's Day and every other day. Just don't get your hopes up that we'll be serving you breakfast in bed, wrapping up that electric saw you've been eyeing, and letting you lounge around all afternoon.