Here Are the 4 Hottest Holiday Home Trends on Etsy This Year

Christmas carols sing the same tune year after year, but that doesn't mean your decor has to stay the same too. Etsy took a look at the holiday home items most popular from its 1.9 million sellers and saw a distinct theme: this year is about making the holidays your own. That means custom decor, personalized gift wrap, and fashion-forward home accents that truly express your personal style. Ahead, we've rounded up Etsy's biggest home trends for 2017 as well as the Etsy products that exemplify them.

Decor: Modern Classics

Decor: Modern Classics

Etsy says a big decor trend this year is traditional decor with a modern makeover. Even a classic Advent calendar looks fresh when made from laser cut birch ($64).


Unlike real mistletoe, the old standby, shoppers can rehang these sleek and contemporary Hand-Painted Wooden Mistletoe Tree Ornaments ($10) year after year for hundreds of kisses to come.


For a contemporary take on Hanukkah decor, shoppers are loving this Modular Wooden Tangram Menorah ($268).


For an on-trend tree option that also allows you to avoid constantly vacuuming up pine needles, Etsy shoppers are opting to purchase an eco-friendly Cardboard Cut-Out Christmas Tree ($122) in lieu of a real one.

Stockings: Sophisticated Upgrades

Stockings: Sophisticated Upgrades

Let's face it: stocking style has been stagnant for quite some time — but this year, Etsy says people are tossing out their traditional stockings from years past and shopping for more fashion-forward options. From minimalist options, such as this Personalized Canvas Stocking ($31), to more maximalist styles, anything modern and stylish goes.


The trendy banana-leaf print has made its way onto just about every surface over the past year, including these popular Tropical Stockings ($35).


With the popularity of chunky knits on throw blankets and accent pillows, it was only a matter of time before Knitted Christmas Stockings ($82) embraced the cozy style too.

Tablescapes: Dark and Sophisticated

Tablescapes: Dark and Sophisticated

The hottest decor trends from 2017 are finding their way to the holiday tabletop. Look for moody place settings and dining decor that mingle metallics with dark color schemes; in other words, your turkey will look twice as nice sitting atop matte Black Rustic Ceramic Plates ($41).


Handmade and personalized items are beloved by style-seeking Etsy users, and this Ceramic and Gold Monogram Napkin Ring ($9) is perfect for an elevated holiday tabletop.


Red and green linens are so 2016. This year, Etsy shoppers are accenting their tabletop with dark and dramatic Softened Linen Napkins ($17).

Gifts: Creative Wrapping

Gifts: Creative Wrapping

Santa motifs are a tad too traditional for Etsy's trendsetting shoppers. This year, they're looking for gift wrapping with panache. Enter cool finds, like a Gift Wrap Stamp ($24), that make your presents pop.


Constellations were a huge trend this Halloween — hello, galaxy jack-o'-lantern! — and they're just as hot for the Winter holidays. Etsy shoppers are making their presents out of this world with Golden Constellation Wrapping Paper ($6).


Wanna know how the hipsters are wrapping their gifts? In these rad Cassette Tape Boxes ($5). They're the perfect example of shoppers moving away from the traditional and toward the fashionable.


Initial Wooden Gift Tags ($1) add an extra little something to gifts and are oh so popular with Etsy shoppers this year. And when they're done embellishing a package, they look great hanging on the tree.