Mark Zuckerberg's Surprising Social Media Advice For Parents

There's never a shortage of news in the parenting world — from differing parenting styles to new studies and beyond. But there are only so many hours in the day, and we can't cover every story that catches our eyes. Take a look at the stories you may have missed this week but need to read.

  • As parents, we tend to fear social media and the effect it has on our kids. But perhaps we need to look at it from a different angle. During a recent panel, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg shed some light on an issue that keeps many parents up at night.
  • We don't need another reason to love Disney princesses, but this gives us one. When 5-year-old cancer patient Isabella Harvey was embarrassed about her lack of locks, Cinderella showed her that bald is beautiful.
  • Worried that your teen isn't getting enough sleep? It looks like you're totally justified. A recent CDC report says that more than 90 percent of teens aren't getting the recommended amount of sleep (nine to 10 hours a night for those who don't know). And the lack of shut-eye affects more than their academic performance.
  • Are parents obligated to pay for their children's college tuition? That's the question moms, dads, and lawmakers are debating these days. After multiple cases involving children suing their parents for tuition, many people are wondering whether or not this should be added to an already long list of parental duties. Where do you stand on the issue?
  • Mila Kunis may be onto something. In her first postbaby interview, the actress opened up about life as a first-time mom and what will happen when daughter Wyatt reaches her teen years. Hint: it involves a lot of daddy-daughter time.