ZOMG, This Seattle Family Transformed Their Driveway Into a Real-Life Diagon Alley

This Halloween, Seattle dad Jon Chambers eschewed the typical haunted house and instead transformed his driveway into a spot-on replica of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley. The astounding display includes a miniature version of all the wizarding shops Harry Potter fans have come to know and love, with every detail carefully tended to. Jon created the impressive display in a mere two weeks with most of the project coming together in the few days before Halloween. He relied largely on donated labor and supplies, a GeekWire article discovered, with items like the signs coming from a metalworking friend and the chalk window drawings from a neighbor who's a children illustrator. Seattle's whimsical wizarding driveway was a hot spot for trick-or-treators on Oct. 31, but the festive display will be opened to visitors through Christmas. Donations collected at the entrance go to raising money for cancer research through the Purple Stride Puget Sound 2017.