The 1 Thing Parents Need to Watch Out For in the New Finding Dory Trailer

The latest trailer for Finding Dory, the highly anticipated sequel to 2003's Finding Nemo, has been released, and the internet is in a collective tizzy — not because of a new plot twist or a risque line of dialogue. But because for a nanosecond in the two-and-a-half-minute spot, there may have been a lesbian couple.

Did you catch it? You may need to freeze-frame it, but at the 1:09 mark, you can clearly see two women who are coparenting a child in a stroller.

Disney Pixar has not commented on the apparent couple — for all we know, it's a mom out for a walk with her best friend — but if Twitter has anything to say about it, this is officially the film company's first-ever animated gay couple.

It's doubtful that this duo will play a prominent role in the movie's storyline because the film is about, well, fish. (Though, to be fair, the title character is voiced by one of the most famous lesbians on the planet, Ellen DeGeneres).

Still, it's a pretty major step toward normalizing the LGBT community to the masses. (What's next? Disney princesses breastfeeding in public?!)

So, concerned parents: what do you need to say to your kids about this?


If this trailer is any indication, the happy couple out for a walk with their toddler daughter — whose stroller gets commandeered by a pacifier-sucking octopus — is not the point. Did you see the part where the pacifier-sucking octopus presumes to be a swaddled-up baby?! Gay, lesbian, straight — in the world of Dory, and Pixar for that matter, none of those labels matter one bit. And they shouldn't matter in the real world, either.