We're Beeping With Glee at this First Look at the Droids at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Throughout Star Wars history, droids have played a vital role, from R2-D2 showing a holograph of Princess Leia to Obi-Wan Kenobi to BB-8 revealing a map to find Luke Skywalker! Now droids can play a part in your Star Wars story at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Some lucky Disneyland cast members have already been invited into the new land to try out the food and drinks, ride Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, and create their own droid! The immersive and interactive droid-making experience is one that every Star Wars fan traveling to Black Spire Outpost should consider doing — after all, who wouldn't want their own droid friend? Read on to check out some of the first droids being made at Galaxy's Edge.

You can choose from two different types of droids.

The galaxy's most adorable sidekicks are available as a BB-series, like BB-8, or an R-series, like R2-D2. You'll get to choose a name for your droid, then take all of the parts to different stations to build your one-of-a-kind droid.

Show off your allegiance with your droid's colors.

Everything about the droids is completely customizable, including the colors you choose. It's the perfect chance to let your love of the First Order or the Resistance show. Some of the colors we've seen so far are red, purple, black, white, and blue — making for some really creative or more classic Star Wars combos.

Give your droid a bit of personality.

Droids in the Star Wars universe have distinct personalities, so why shouldn't yours? For an extra $14, you can add different personality-affiliation chips, which really bring your droid to life as it rolls around Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Your droid can communicate with other droids.

All of the droids build at the Droid Depot communicate with other droids and aspects of Batuu via Bluetooth technology. Be sure to bring your new friend to the parks each time you plan to visit Galaxy's Edge to get even more out of your experience! But do note, even through droids can roll around freely, Disney is asking that guests carry their new droid around the land because of traffic and safety.

Your droid comes with earthly accessories.

Once your droid has been brought to life, it's going to get a few earthly accessories so it can operate even after you leave Batuu. Each droid comes with a carry box, instructions, and a remote control.