16 Resolutions New Moms Wish They Could Make in 2017

Adjusting to life as a new mom can be difficult, as no matter how many parenting books you've read, you're never quite as prepared as you think you are. Whether you had your baby earlier this year or just welcomed your bundle of joy recently, start the New Year off fresh . . . by realizing that you're not perfect. You may have a bunch of resolutions in mind that revolve around the way you'll raise your child and live your life postbaby, but the truth is that being a parent is tough work that isn't for the faint of heart.

Read through for 16 resolutions that you may try to make as a new mom in 2017 and what will likely result in each case because, hey, you're only human.

  1. I will sleep when the baby sleeps. Except for when I'm catching up on 40 loads of laundry or staring at the baby monitor for signs of life.
  2. I will not wish the baby years away. Except for after the days I am sleep-deprived, covered in spit up, and have listened to hours of nonstop crying.
  3. I will not care about what my body looks like because I just birthed a human. Unless I find a new patch of stretch marks that I want to complain about.
  4. I will make a conscious effort to spend time with friends. Except for when I'm too tired, don't want to, and would rather try to get 12 minutes of sleep.
  5. I will exclusively make homemade baby food once my kid eats solids. Unless those pouch things are cheaper than food processors when the day comes.
  6. I will ask for help when I need it. Except for when I know I can do things myself (the right way).
  7. I will stop listening to unsolicited parenting advice. Unless it seems like it could be something important — how do I know if it's important?!
  8. I will have a baby-free date night with my partner once a week. Except for when we would rather stay home to watch (read: fall asleep in front of) Netflix.
  9. I will start exercising again. Unless I can just count walking back and forth to check on my baby in her crib exercise. Can I?
  10. I will keep breastfeeding until my baby is ready to stop. Or until I decide my nipples have taken enough abuse.
  11. I will stop cursing around the baby. Except when I step on those f*cking wooden ABC blocks that seemed so cute before my feet met them.
  12. I will be more patient with my partner. Unless they forget to do the one tiny thing I asked them to do three days ago and need some persistent (albeit whiny) reminders.
  13. I will dress my baby in the cute outfits I spent so much money on while pregnant. Except for the ones that don't fit anymore because man, this kid grows fast.
  14. I will let my baby cry it out. Unless they start crying and it's both annoying and heartbreaking.
  15. I will keep up with the baby book. Except for when I have absolutely no time for it because babies are so needy and I'm so tired.
  16. I will not flood my social feeds with photos of my baby. Unless I take a stream of really sweet pictures of him drooling, because honestly, how can I post just one?