This Hilarious "Aunt Flo" Video About Periods Should Be Required Viewing For Women and Girls Alike

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A woman's relationship with her period is a complicated one — part blessing and part curse. When it's late, we panic, but when it comes when we don't want it to, it's like an unwelcome house guest.

That's the setup of the latest video from Hello Flo — the period subscription box service that also created this "Period Fairy" vlog, an LOL-worthy "Camp Gyno" ad, and the makings of a "First Moon Party" trend. This video captures a day in the life of a fictional Aunt Flo.

First, the well-meaning Flo pops by the home of a couple who'd been waiting for her arrival for more than a month ("When was she supposed to get here?" "Six days ago!"), then she awkwardly gets saddled into a conversation with a tween girl who's been "searching for the miracle of womanhood" for a while now. She caps off her day with a final goodbye to an old friend, but her last visit? Well, it's worth watching until the very end.

Go ahead, ladies, enjoy what might be the most hilarious video you've ever seen about your menstrual cycle . . . period.