1 Mom Says "Take That Infertility" With a Gorgeous Gender-Reveal Photo Shoot

Caitlin Lindquist, a blogger from Arizona, knows the rollercoaster ride that trying to get pregnant through IVF can send you on. It can be a long and draining journey — so when she finally got pregnant after three years of trying, she celebrated her baby's gender reveal with the most glamorous photo shoot ever.

Lindquist explained that they definitely experienced a fair amount of setbacks along the way, and at times it was hard to stay positive.

"As cliche as it sounds, you have to just keep putting one foot in front of the other," she said. "I remember after our second miscarriage I hardly left the house. It was a really hard time for us both. We kept thinking, why us?!'"

The soon-to-be mama reflected on the darker times, but realized that soldiering on when things seemed hopeless was really the only option. "It honestly just makes you mad and feel sorry for yourself," she wrote. "But I had to remind myself often that I wasn't alone. That I am not picked on. That sadly, infertility is common. And that I can beat it."

Lindquist continued to rely on her husband and her family for support during the times when she really just needed a good cry. Then one day, the blogger had a stroke of good luck, and remembers exactly where she was when it happened . . . her bathroom.

"Five days before our blood draw date I took a pregnancy test," she said. "And sure enough, however faint, there was a second line indicating I was pregnant. I about fell to the floor and walked sheepishly over to my husband carrying the pregnancy test. We just held each other and wiped tears from our eyes."

After getting the official world from her doctor, Lindquist arranged for a gender-reveal shoot — and it's safe to say the result is absolutely breathtaking.

Photographer: Brooke Scheurn Photography / Dress: Fillyboo Maternity / Shoes: Nordstorm / Flowers: Monarch Floral Designs