This Giant $5 Cinnamon Roll From Sam's Club Will Feed an Entire Family — WITH Leftovers!

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in this case, it's in the eye of the bun-holder . . . cinnamon bun, that is. Family-favorite retail chain Sam's Club has officially achieved holiday greatness with its most recent bakery debut, a 44-ounce cinnamon roll priced under $5. That's right — the double-decker cinnamon creation is roughly the size of a birthday cake, weighing in around the same weight as your favorite boxed wine.

Photos of the gloriously decadent bun are enough to make us drool, especially considering that one could feed the whole family for less than the price of a frozen pizza. The massive cinnamon rolls are available at Sam's through the end of December, which means you can bring one to the Thanksgiving potluck and to any Winter holiday celebrations! And let's be real; even without a special occasion, you'll want to run to your local Sam's Club and pick one up to satisfy your seasonal sweet tooth.