The Way This Young Girl in a Wheelchair Was Excluded From Her Choir's Performance Is Heartbreaking

Altos in the front, sopranos in the back — Jade Razzano, a middle school student with disabilities, off to the side.

In a post to Facebook, Lindsay Vaughn, Jade's caregiver who attended her choir performance at Beaumont Middle School, shared a photo of the students dancing in a line on the risers during rehearsals, while Jade sat in her wheelchair off to the side.

"Last night Jade had a performance with her school choir. Or shall I say, Jade's school choir performed while she watched from the sidelines because they made absolutely no effort to include her in it," Vaughn wrote in her post.

Not only was Jade not included in the performance, her first name, as a total afterthought, was typed in the bottom corner of the program, while the other kids' full names appeared in a centered, alphabetical list above.

However, perhaps the most devastating thing that was somehow allowed to happen that night occurred at the very end of the show. After the last song, the choir and their teacher cleared the stage, and "they just left Jade up there," Joey Razzano, Jade's mother, told Oregon Live. "They didn't give her a second glance. My husband had to go up there and get her."

This isn't the first instance of the school not including Jade equally, but Joey — who also shared the rehearsal photo on her Facebook, with the caption "Feeling the inclusion for Jade in the choir. NOT!!" — doesn't want the music teacher fired. "This is a pervasive issue. If you just fired that one teacher, you're not going to make the world a better place. What you need to do is educate them. You have to provide training."