This Little Girl's Spot-On Mama Coco Costume Will Make You Feel ALL the Emotions

Coco may have premiered almost a full year ago, but it's still fully present in our lives and our hearts. While there are plenty of fun and exciting ways for families to celebrate the emotional film (especially while it's still on Netflix), one mom decided to take the fandom a step further, and we're thoroughly impressed.

Twitter user @n_castilleja recently shared that his mom decided to dress his little sister as sweet Mama Coco "just for fun," and we're tearing up just a little bit looking at every perfect detail. It's clear to see why fans are going "un poco loco" for this spot-on portrayal of their favorite character. She absolutely nailed the gray braids, wrinkles, and adorable Mama Coco smile! We're anxiously waiting for @n_castilleja to dress up as Miguel and sing "Remember Me" with his sister like he's promised.

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