Gordon Ramsay Got Emotional When His Kids Unexpectedly Cooked For Him: "I May Cry"

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Gordon Ramsay may be famous for cursing up and down your TV screen, but when it comes to his family, he's a big softie. The Hell's Kitchen star was treated to a surprise 50th birthday dinner by his kids, Matilda, Holly, Megan, and Jack, and it's clear they exceeded his culinary standards.

In a video shared by Gordon, he and his wife Tana are chauffeured to an empty restaurant by their oldest daughter, Megan, where they're joined by his parents. His second daughter, Matilda, who narrates the video, prepared an impressive three-course meal for the occasion with her brother, Jack. Don't take our word for it: just listen to how many times Gordon says "Wow!" Watch the full video above to see how the famous chef reacts to his kids' kitchen skills. Spoiler: it's enough to make him cry.