This Mom Pranks Her 2 Sons All the Time, but This 1 Where She Fakes Chopping a Finger Off Is Gold

A UK mom of two named Felicity is no stranger to pranking her two sons, Finlay and Harrison, and creates tons of videos in which she fools them into thinking they have a flesh-eating skin disease or that Papa John's now only serves bite-size pizzas. Fin and Harrison are great sports, and everything is innocent enough, but one of Felicity's latest pranks has us in stiches: she actually convinced the boys that she chopped her finger off while making lunch, and hahahaha, it's a carrot nub.

In the video shared to the family's Instagram page, Harfin Family, Felicity first shares her process, which includes shaving down a carrot to the perfect size, taping her real middle finger down, and covering her "appendage" in fake blood. Then, she slams a knife down onto a cutting board and starts screaming, so the boys fly into the kitchen from the next room. As soon as they see what's happened, they visibly begin to panic — so much so that when Felicity asks for something to cover the bloody scene, the only thing Fin can think to grab is a strainer. Eventually, they realized they've been had again by the reigning prank champion of the family, and their reactions are absolutely priceless. This mom is our hero.