This Line of Handmade Dolls Can Help You Teach Your Kids to Love Themselves

As a parent, when are you not in the market for a new toy for your kids? Say hello to HarperIman Dolls, a line of gorgeous handmade, linen keepsake dolls with an extraspecial message behind them. The line of dolls and accessories were created by Cynthia Watkins and Kathryn Burnett, a mother-daughter duo, in 2017. "We found that dolls of color are underrepresented. There aren't many choices, and the ones available do not accurately represent our different skin tones and hair textures," they told POPSUGAR. "Our children are left playing with and trying to identify with dolls that look nothing like them. We wanted to change that."

The dolls come in different sizes and skin tones, and they feature different hair types. They range from $80 to $90. Some feature braided up-dos, while others have tighter curls in different colors. You can even buy an array of clothes and accessories for the dolls, like a tutu or a pair of sneakers. "We believe there is truth in 'It's hard to be what you cannot see,'" they told us. "We create dolls with a purpose in mind: to help reinforce how beautiful and strong our children are by providing them with positive affirmations of themselves that they can identify with." The dolls are only sold online right now, but the company hopes to expand into stores at some point.