Hilaria Baldwin Explained Why She Shared Her Ongoing Miscarriage News on Social Media

After publicly opening up about experiencing a potential miscarriage via Instagram last week, Hilaria Baldwin went on The Today Show to discuss why talking about miscarriages is important for women regardless of if they haven't had a child yet or are moms to several little ones.

"Anybody who has had children or multiple children, you know that you have your scans and your different appointments," she said. "The good news — they are always very chipper, and they say wonderful things, and then there is the silence. The silence makes you very nervous. This technician, she just kept on being quiet and kept on trying to find the heartbeat . . . and she said to me that the heartbeat is not very fast."

Although the mom of four faced some criticism for her honest post, she doesn't regret sharing the upsetting news with her followers.

"For me personally, it would be harder to do it silently . . . being open just allowed me to relieve it a little bit . . . I'm feeling OK. I mean, this is something that has not been easy. I understand it, and I wanted to come out and speak about it, because it's something that so many people deal with, and as women, we are trained to deal with it silently." She added that: "I said to all of my girlfriends, if I ever get pregnant again, I am going to say it right away because, especially with my life, it's so public, and everybody is trying to figure out what's going on all the time."

Hilaria has another scan today, but because the heartbeat is so weak, she's less than optimistic. "I think I'm going to have the answer one way or the other," she said. "I'm pretty sure this is not going to stick and, you know, when we agree to be parents, we have to accept the good and the bad . . . we have to open our hearts and realize that there is going to be hard moments, too."