These Postpregnancy Belly Photos Will Inspire You to Love Yours

Celebrating a pregnancy with photos of the belly is one way to commemorate the happy occasion, but few mamas would think to take postpregnancy belly photos. One woman, however, is breaking that mold and inspiring others to "accept and love" their postbaby bodies. Hilaria Baldwin, who is married to Alec Baldwin, gave birth on June 17 and, just two days later, shared snaps of her still fairly large stomach.

The mom of two admitted she was scared of posting the images at first, but wrote, "I hope you understand my intention here: I believe it is important to accept and love our form after going through a bit of a battle bringing life into this world." Hilaria even posted a follow-up photo to explain the concerns she was receiving from her first snap and explained that she did not have a C-section. These candid images are a reminder to mothers everywhere to appreciate their bodies, even after giving birth. Do you find these images inspiring? Leave your comments below.