Try Not to Laugh Hysterically at These Notes Home From School

Upon asking, "How was school?" most parents get the response, "Good" — but the truth is, a lot must go on during those six-hour days, and based on some of these notes home from teachers, it sounds like their days are pretty eventful!

Read through to see the hysterical notes, and just try not to laugh!


"Max really enjoyed the pizza for lunch, but not the crust!"

Snack-Time Disaster

"Madison accidentally swallowed a rubber band this morning — she said she's fine, she seems fine — just wanted to let you know! :)"

Passionate Playmate

"Riding friends like horses."

Friendly Fire

"Wiley walked over to a friend who was quietly working at his table. Wiley put his bottom against his friend's back and passed gas, then laughed."

Class Clown

"Very amusing, but let's keep the orgy talk off the tests."

"My Brain Hurts"

"Quote of the day: (After calling [Classmate] ugly, his excuse was) 'It's not my fault. My brain hurts. I fell out of a chair today but I'm okay.' :) Made my day!"

Above-Average Reading Level

"Believe in yourself, and don't rush to grow up. Read books by Meg Rosoff instead of serial killers!"

Kindergarten Is Hard

"Somehow, John, I don't believe this is your best coloring. Make it your goal to do your best."

Two-Time Offender

"I had a good day until 11:00. I spit on the floor . . . "

"I had a bad day. Was throwing food at the lunch table . . . "


"He said he wanted more homework!"