These "Honest" Milestone Cards Are Everything You Need to Document Your Baby's Life

There are so many little parenting moments that get overshadowed by typical life events such as "first haircut" or "first solid food." Reid Leigh, who received a pack of milestone cards before his son Noah's birth, decided that because parenting is far from perfect, other moments like "Today I peed on dad for the first time" make for a much funnier form of documentation.

"We love [Noah] to bits," Leigh told POPSUGAR Moms. "But he can be a bit of a butthead. And speaking to parent-friends of ours . . . it turns out that their babies could be too." So Reid and his wife started writing down all of the funny situations Noah got them into, and that's how the Honest Landmark Moments project was born.

One of Reid's favorite cards, "Today mummy looked pretty, so I threw up on her," comes from the first time he and his wife were getting ready to go on a date since Noah's birth. "My wife was giving him a quick kiss before she handed him over to her parents, and it happened. Milky sick all down her little black dress. Sigh . . . "

Reid hopes to crowdfund enough for this first project to be able to expand his line of silly cards in the future, possibly with pregnancy and toddler versions that will cover everything from weird cravings to potty-training hell. Scroll through for a sneak peek at some of the cards in the pack, and back the campaign on Indigogo.

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Honest Landmark Moments