24 Hot Dog Hacks That Will Make the Most of Your Kid's Favorite Food

If your kid's three basic food groups are chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and hot dogs, we feel your pain, mama. Hot dogs for dinner every night may not have been how you thought things would go back when you were pregnant and envisioned a child who would love vegetables and green things relentlessly, but if it has become your reality, why not embrace it in a fun way?

Read through for 24 hacks that make cooking hot dogs for dinner much more exciting for you and eating them much more fun for your kids.


Hot Dog Corn Muffins

Use a quick corn muffin mix with chopped up dogs to make a baked version of a corn dog.


Spaghetti Fun

Skewer hot dogs with spaghetti noodles for the ultimate fun dish — who says that playing with your food can't happen every once in a while?


Pretzel Dogs

Homemade pretzel dogs are a quick and easy dinner option any time of the year.

Bacon-Wrapped Coleslaw Dogs
Pretty Prudent

Bacon-Wrapped Coleslaw Dogs

Sneak a little bit of veggies onto a bacon-wrapped version of their favorite food.


Princess Dogs

Disney lunches are all the rage, but these Disney princess hot dogs are going to be the talk of the dinner table.


Braided Dog Bread

This braided hot dog bread looks harder to make then it is, and will be totally worth it for the smiles you'll get after you put it on the table.



This adorable cooking method leaves your kiddo's hot dogs looking like little springs!


Heart Shaped Egg Holders

Butterfly hot dogs and use a toothpick to hold them together, then crack an egg inside to create an out-of-the-box breakfast.


Mummy Dogs

These mummy dogs would make for a silly Halloween dinner.


Octopus and "Seaweed"

Cut legs into one side of their hot dog, and sit him on a bed of "seaweed," aka pasta with pesto.


Waffle Dogs

Add hot dogs to the list of things you can make with a waffle iron!


Pull-Apart Hot Dog Bread

Take a photo of this pretty bread before little hands come in and demolish it in record time.

Bacon Mac 'n' Cheese Hot Dogs
Lolly Jane

Bacon Mac 'n' Cheese Hot Dogs

Combine two of their favorite meals by making hot dogs topped with their favorite macaroni and cheese recipe.


French Fry Corn Dog

As a special treat, coat hot dogs in french fries instead of batter.


Bacon-Wrapped Cheese Dogs

Add cheese and bacon to the hot dogs during your next cookout — your kids will thank you.


Spider Dogs

These creepy crawly spiders are a fun take on pigs in a blanket, especially for "Halloweenie." Get it?



These adorable snails aren't hard to make and can even be crawling on a few leafy, green foods — just to keep it authentic, you know?


Sea Creatures

These hilarious sea creatures have hot dog tongues and will spark so many laughs at the dinner table.


Mini Corn Dogs

Remove the stick and create dippable corn dogs for tiny hands and bellies.


Hot Dog Taquitos

Give your all-American dog a Mexican spin with these hot dog taquitos.


Arrow Through the Heart

Cut a hot dog in half on a diagonal, and attach in a heart shape using a toothpick and some cheese arrowheads. Makes for an adorable hors d'oeuvres at your next kid party (or adult one).



Well, this one is pretty gross, we'll admit, but it's a idea perfect for Halloween dinner!


Hot Dog Flowers

If you have some time on your hands (jokes, we know) these hot dog flowers are like the kid version of tapas.


Group Dogs

Making hot dogs for a group? Throw them into the crockpot!