Dad Figures Out the "Only Way" to Calm His Fussy Baby, Who Is Legally Blind and Profoundly Deaf

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When Samantha Jolicoeur's now nearly 8-year-old son Gideon was just a tiny baby, she and her husband discovered that the only way to soothe their fussy boy was by blowing raspberries onto his neck when he cried. Although raspberries tend to get a response from most babies, when Gideon was 7 months old, Samantha and Kevin discovered the reason the sensory action resonated so well with their son: he was diagnosed with a rare terminal genetic disorder — peroxisomal biogenesis disorder — which rendered him legally blind and severely to profoundly deaf.

In a video posted to YouTube, a baby Gideon can be seen crying in his dad's arms, soothed momentarily only after Kevin blows onto his neck. "Before we got Gideon's diagnosis, we found it odd that this was the ONLY way we could stop his crying," the mom of three wrote in the caption of the video, which was originally posted back in 2015 when Gideon was nearly 5 years old but has resurfaced on Reddit. "Once we knew he was blind and deaf, these raspberries made so much more sense!"

Since her son's diagnosis, Samantha started a blog and her YouTube channel, Life With a Happy Heart, to talk about Gideon's terminal disorder and to share the "joyful moments" the family have with him. Even though he's crying in this clip, the sweet moment between father and son definitely still falls under the joyful category, we'd say.