How Chrissy Teigen Dealt With the Pressure of Choosing a Nursery School For Luna

Finding the "perfect" nursery school for your little one is tough — you want to make sure that you're sending them somewhere they'll learn a lot and where they'll have teachers who take good care of them, especially if it's the first time they'll be in someone's care other than yours. Chrissy Teigen found herself in this situation and admitted to struggling with finding a school for 2-year-old Luna that felt like "The One."

"John and I went to one billion different schools and they were all so incredibly different," Chrissy told POPSUGAR. "When you find the right one, you really just know. It's not always the closest school or the dream scenario you thought it would be — in my head I thought the school had to be close to my house so I could walk her there and every day we could stop at the same ice cream shop. In my mind, this was all going to happen."

She paused to laugh, then continued: "Even though every school is great, you just know how your child's mind works. Luna loves being observant and playing with water and being in her own quiet zone. Right now, she's not really wanting to rough and tumble with other kids, so when we saw this one school that has this beautiful creek in the back . . . I knew immediately she was going to connect with it. You just know."

But even though Chrissy was happy with the school she and John chose for Luna, her bigger struggle came with actually gearing up for her daughter's first day.

"I was sobbing all day yesterday, most of the day up until bath time, and then I started crying in the bathtub."

"I was sobbing all day yesterday, most of the day up until bath time, and then I started crying in the bathtub," she said of Luna's orientation day at nursery school, (where she admitted to "projectile puking" upon arrival). "We just took her to her very first — it's called a transition week, I guess . . . I'm new to this, I have no idea — but you bring them in and they have their 20 minutes in the classroom, then you sit there with them and they meet the teachers."

Sounds simple enough, but Chrissy, having just gotten back from a family trip to Bali, combined with a few other things, definitely struggled internally.

"I was just really going through it yesterday," she said. "I think it was a combo of breastfeeding issues and jetlag, having just returned from our trip — I'm still not feeling like my body is ever going to be back to normal — and knowing that she was going to her transition day was just a lot for me. I just broke down at every little thing. There's so many things happening right now at this moment, which is actually why I like hearing other people's stories and struggles, to know that so many mothers and fathers are going through these same things."

That's why through her work with Pampers Pure, Chrissy's supporting the brand's new #PureGoals campaign, which seeks to create a community of parents in which everyone can share stories about the lengths they'll go to for their kids.

"These stories and the tweets that I share, it all kind of revolves around the hashtag #PureGoals. We want moms to be able to share their stories — whether they're crying in the bathtub or whether they are experiencing taking their child to school for the first time — the happy moments, the sad moments, all of the moments, because everyone's experience is different."

So she will continue to share for the sake of being open and honest about parenting — and thank god, because she's definitely a mama who keeps us sane.