Mom Etiquette: Please Stop Doing This Sh*t

Blogger and mother Lauren Plotkin of My Plot of Sunshine shares with us a lesson in mom etiquette.

My Plot of Sunshine

The other day I was at an outdoor mall with my baby, and we were enjoying some unusually warm weather for February. I was pushing my daughter in her stroller and we were leaving a store, so I did the typical backwards butt push out of the door while I pulled the stroller along with me while using my foot to make sure the door didn't slam shut on my child. And as I did this little mommy juggle, there was a woman standing outside of the door just waiting for me to get out so she could go in. She didn't grab the door for me or offer to help, but instead, she walked through the door that was propped open by my foot and said NOTHING. Me, being the feisty person I am, shouted a loud and clear you're welcome!!! Which, of course, she still didn't acknowledge.

Naturally, this got me thinking about mom etiquette. Or maybe it's just etiquette in general. Things that people, but especially mothers, should have the tact to know/do/say (or not say!). So maybe this is just a rant of mine, or maybe some of you moms will find that you share the same sentiment, but either way, these are my Rules of Mom Etiquette. Feel free to add your own rules in the comments below!

Mom Etiquette

  1. If you see another mom/dad/person pushing a stroller, hold the door for them!
  2. I feel like this one is common sense and yet it's not quite so common. Listen, I am now a pro at pushing a stroller through a door — I could do that sh*t backwards, blindfolded, and with one hand tied behind my back. But if you are a healthy, able-bodied person and you are standing right there and you don't hold the door open for me, you are an assh*le.

  3. Don't say, "Omg, your baby is so big/small!"
  4. My daughter was tiny when she was born, she's petite now, and she always will be. It doesn't bother me when people say that's she's so small, because I know that she's a healthy baby. However, that's not the case with all kids. Some children have health issues that may cause them to be big/small/thin/overweight/whatever and pointing that out to a parent isn't necessary.

  5. Don't touch other people's babies/kids if you're a stranger.
  6. I know I've touched on this once before in my 7 Annoying People You Meet After Having a Baby post, but it's so true! For example, if you are cashier at a store and my baby is being all cute and smiling at you, by all means, talk to her and say hi and I'm sure she'll wave at you, but please don't touch her hands or caress her cheek. Ew.

  7. Don't stare during meltdowns.
  8. If you find yourself staring at another mom and her child while the child has a massive meltdown in the middle of Target or on an airplane, please find the nearest fork and stab yourself in the eyes. First of all, I can assure you that the mom is embarrassed enough for herself without you adding to the moment. Second of all, that mom has just as much of a right to be at that store or on that plane as you do, regardless of the screaming child.

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