This Mother's Heartfelt Letter to Her "Difficult Child" Will Inspire You

"Some days I feel like I'm failing you, but I refuse to give up," says Bunmi Laditan — a mom whose funny side we're used to seeing — in a letter to her "difficult child" on Facebook. Many parents go through a period of time with their children in which parenting seems harder than it ever has, but rather than complain about this phase of parenting in her own life, Laditan is using her struggle with her child to inspire other mothers who may be going through the same thing.

I know that if I can just help you channel that steel will into something good, you'll be a force to be reckoned with. You're fearless. You'll move mountains. You'll defend the silenced. You'll shape the future. You'll breathe fire. . . . I want you to know that even though you think I'm the enemy, I'm your biggest cheerleader. . . . I know you have fire burning inside of you. It's my job to make sure that you don't let it consume you, but instead use it to burn a path in the world one day.

Read the rest of Laditan's powerful and heartfelt letter below.